Ludovic Vernhet French, b. 1976

Born in 1976 in Paris, Ludo, French artist, began during his teenage years to express himself in the streets of his city by tagging, then to the pasting technique in 2007, which is considered nowadays like his trademark.

By using pencil and oil paint, Ludo combines black, white and signature neon green to create vegetal and robotic creatures, half natural, half technological. Indeed he developed his own tint of green to emphasize the natural element of these hybrid creatures.

Fascinated by the streets? energy which inspires and stimulates him, Ludo draws his inspiration from the daily life. Also, a documentary, a reflection or a particular work may become reflective ways which will lead him to the creation of new works.

Ludo denounces matters in a playful and aesthetic way. Without bearing the mark of environmental or anti-capitalist claims, his works bear the stamp of his own personal reflections upon the world surrounding him, which influences and raises questions. Thus, his creations often take dimensions that go beyond the image and invite the viewer to reflect upon the ambient and admitted violence, the consumption of GMOs or the domination of technology over natural life.

Ludo expresses himself on all types and sizes of support bases: walls, canvas, sculptures, and even a boat... His art has no limits and he exhibits his creations all over the world. Concrete walls, galleries, museums are therefore invaded by a modern forest consisted by the Ludo?s artworks.