Creating his works on walls around the world, 1010 has become one of the most recognized urban artists working today. He is widely known for his large-scale op-art murals. In 2010 the artist started exploring the concept of abstract holes and over the past decade he has developed a style that is uniquely his own.  
He sprays layers of abstract colour, producing irregular biomorphic shapes. Outlined in light hues, colours gradate towards the dark centre of the artwork, producing an optical illusion of three-dimensionality. Despite the apparent focus on form, line and colour, 1010?s work goes well beyond a preoccupation with visual perception. The intricate illusion of depth works as a point of departure and allows the artist to question the prescribed ways of seeing. His work simultaneously investigates centuries-old societal stereotypes and the old art world practice of exploring the depth and perspective in painting.   
1010's studio practice allows him to work on a more intimate scale, producing layered paper cut-outs. Recent gallery shows include The Art Behind Art, Marion Gallery, Panama (2019) and Eversion, Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco (2016). The artist has previously created an ambitious piece on a Paris speedway  (le périphérique) covering over 40,000 square feet of concrete and a mural for Miami Dolphins at a renovated Hard Rock Stadium in 2016.  
1010 lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.