Anthologie du street art

Magda Danysz
A reference book in its field, Anthologie du street art spans the history of street art from its beginnings to the present. The artistic movement that started over sixty years ago is bound to leave a permanent mark on Art History, as its gradual institutionalisation illustrates. New talents keep emerging all around the world, finding a place in an urban mythology whose forefathers are now acclaimed artists. Belonging to an up-and-coming and ever-renewing art scene these artists explore a large range of formats and media to take over urban spaces as well as galleries where their unconventionnal artworks deal with an array of contemporary social issues. Anthologie du street art is a deep dive into one of most important contemporary art movements.

Danysz Magda. 2023. Anthologie du Street Art. Édition augmentée. Editions Alternatives.
340 pages.
Language: French.