Miaz Brothers - Shanghai: The Hazy Reality of the New World

27 February - 23 April 2021 Shanghai

The Italian siblings use aerosol paint to create their signature blurred effect and produce what they call "a substantial indetermination of the picture”. The viewer is compelled to pause, to look harder, to stand neither too close nor too far. "A blurred face," remarks art critic Marco Meneguzzo, "is like an erased word in a document. It immediately becomes the key of the entire text, where we fix our gaze and attention."

“At some point we felt the urgency to do something with paintingWe conceived the fundamental concept of erasing the lines to gain a flawless movement of colors by juxtaposing millions of dots apparently dissociated from each other, to form something not instantly evident but visible from a distance.”

—    Miaz Brothers


Danysz Gallery - Shanghai is showcasing a much-awaited solo exhibition of Italian artist duo the Miaz Brothers, their first solo show in China. The opportunity for the Shanghai public to discover the artists' hazy paintings, which recall well-known masterpieces by Vermeer, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and other Old Masters, and yet present a radically new take on portraiture.