Felipe Pantone & Pablo Limón - Casa Variable

16 October - 27 November 2021 Paris

"Through this show, the main idea is to invite the audience to live in art. Because usually, we have art all around us, in our house, but how is it to live inside a house that is art?"
- Felipe Pantone

Heir to the masters of optical art, unclassifiable artist, unlimited talent, Felipe Pantone gives substance to his vision of today's world through creations using canvas, racing cars or the extreme precision of a watch as support. For his new exhibition at Danysz Gallery in Paris from October 16 to November 27, 2021, the artist is experimenting with a new terrain by inviting the designer Pablo Limón to propose a unique total art form.


This collaboration between the two talents was obvious after they met in New York. Both passionate about contemporary creation, design, art and architecture; insatiable for discovery, they unite for the very first time their universes to create Casa Variable, an original project combining art and design in a total achievement. Inspired by Carlos Cruz-Diez who has already worked on living in art, Felipe Pantone initiates this exchange and calls upon the design talent of his friend to experiment with new approaches to his artistic concepts, and invites us not only to observe but also to enter the work.


It all starts with a work, a piece by Felipe Pantone that imposes its structure as a plan. He says "the idea is to find one of my paintings on Google Earth or Google Maps. So if you know my work and you see the house from above, you can definitely make the connection." Based on a 100% artistic structural concept, Pablo Limón and Felipe Pantone invest an architectural space to which they give function and meaning. The creations they design, that is to say lamps, chairs, paintings, rugs, sculptures and even a swimming pool, are a symbiosis of their two worlds.


In this Casa Variable you find the visual signature of Pantone, the rhythm of its colors, its palette constantly in motion, and the rigor of geometric forms, while discovering a totally new panel of supports thanks to the mastery of the object and form of Pablo Limón.


Pablo Limón, a designer with a brutalist inspiration, succeeds in giving body and function to the art of Felipe Pantone. A real challenge, which he explains: "as a designer, for me art is something that is not tangible ... The challenge was to discover how to make Felipe's world and vision something functional and real." Successful challenge as you enter a reality by discovering this exhibition.


Reminding us of total creations such as those of Antoni Gaudi or Le Corbusier, Casa Variable is the demonstration that one can live in art. Architecture becomes a work of art, art becomes immersive, and one begins to dream of seeing this creation take shape in the perfect alliance of concrete and the play of light.