2 - 24 September 2022 Paris
I went to Yunnan and spread my canvas on the ground to capture the mountains at different times of the day in the most spontaneous way possible. The nature, the climate and the environment have a significant influence on my artistic creation."
Chen Yingjie

The walls of Danysz Paris - Marais are full of magnetic energy with Chen Yingjie’s new solo exhibition: “Sun and Wind,” on view from September 2 to 24, 2022. The Cantonese artist continues to develop a powerful cross-breed style uniquely his own, a powerful fusion of Chinese traditional landscape painting and graffiti art. A painter, Chen is also something of a performer. His way of working is greatly gestural. Much like a Jackson Pollock, he physically engages with the canvas, with dynamic moves and splashing techniques.


Sun and Wind” presents the latest works by the Chinese artist who was named by Forbes one of China’s “30 Under 30.”  Following his introspective journey, the young prodigy spent months painting in the Shangri-La region of Yunnan in China to give life to his latest series “Paint from the Nature of Yunnan,” marking the latest stage of his genre-breaking explorations.


New milestone in his artistic pursuit, the “Paint from the Nature of Yunnan” series illustrates the artist’s arduous artistic retreat up the steep mountains path. Under the beating sun and the freezing snow he braved one of the most beautiful eminence of the world, the sacred Jade Dragon Snow Mountain also known as the “Heavenly Mountain.” With his mixed arsenal, freely merging street art and abstract expressionism, Chen who is known for his very unique style that defies all categories, offers a crystallized view of varied and breathtaking natural scenery. “We must be in awe of Nature,” explains the artist.  Canvas, spray cans and acrylic paint well in hand, he decided to climb up to the 4000-meter snow-capped peaks, following hazardous paths to be at one with Mother Nature, one of his major sources of inspiration.

At 4070-meter peak, my car unfortunately fell into the snow on my way to Baima Snow Mountain. I ended up completing this series while waiting for rescue, hands and feet frozen contemplating the eagles circling in the sky.

Chen Yingjie


Sun and Wind” also presents paintings from Chen Yingjie’s well-known series “Gravity”. Initiated in 2020, the “Gravity” series came from the realization by the artist that our present ecological situation was improving with the pandemics, and that the slowdown in global activity induced a mild recovery, a form of revival for the environment.


Nature is everywhere in the work of Chen Yingjie and perhaps more than ever in “Sun and Wind”. In this solo exhibition, the paintings on display, with all their fiery abstract look, are a tribute to natural forces and are deeply influenced by the spirit, the strength and vitality of ink painting in  the work of Chinese Old Masters. The artist’s powerful gesture gives life to landscapes that unfold before the viewer’s eyes, leading them to a more respectful attitude toward nature.  As an invitation to contemplation, the mind is free to wander, enraptured by the vivid hues and the strong sense of motion that transpire from Chen Yingjie’s oeuvre.



Chen Yingjie was born in 1991, in Foshan, Guangdong province, China. He studied at Raffles Design Institute in Singapore. His work has been presented in major institutions in China and around the world, among which Tank and Power Station of Art in Shanghai, CAFA Art Museum in Beijing, or the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. He has collaborated with many international brands like Cartier, Volkswagen, Louis Vuitton, Adidas or Volvo. In 2020, he was named by Forbes one of China’s “30 Under 30”. His work is presented in many world-class private and public collections, including Honolulu Museum of Art, BMW China Automotive or CapitaLand Group. He currently lives in Foshan.