Creation and feminity: Danysz Award for contemporary art

13 May - 10 June 2023
Finalists: Nidaa Badwan; Ciss Aissatou; Franck Claudon; Cécile Cornet; Julia Haumont; Anne Sarah Le Meur; Martinet & Texereau; Danaé Monseigny; May Murad; Elea-Jeanne Schmitter
The 2023 Danysz Award for Contemporary Art rewards an artist this year around the theme of "Creation and Feminity." The Danysz Award offers a unique opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their work to a wider audience and gain recognition. It highlights the diversity and creativity in contemporary art. The award rewards 10 artists with an exhibition and the presentation of their work to the public. One of these promising talents, the grand winner, also receives a prize of 8,000 euros.

Artists from 18 different countries applied for the Danysz Award, demonstrating the need for emerging artists to showcase their work beyond borders. With French, Chinese, Ukrainian, but also Korean, Colombian, Palestinian, Senegalese, and Venezuelan artists, this multiculturalism deeply echoes founding values of the Danysz gallery. Among them, 10 finalists were selected by the jury, composed of personalities from the art, creation, and media world, to exhibit their works at the Danysz gallery from May 13 to June 10, 2023.
Jury: The jury is composed of Hubert Barrère, Artistic Director of Lesage (Chanel Group); Eleonore Baudry, President of Figaret; Bruno Bouygues, President of GYS and collector; Rakajoo, artist; Claire Steinlein, political and cinema journalist; Alex Vizorek, stand up comedy artist; Kate Weir from the K11 group; Frances Young Fuchs, collector and philanthropist.

The second stage of the selection process consists of a jury vote during the exhibition to determine the winner of the Danysz Award. In addition, the public will also have a say by voting for their favorite artist in the exhibition.