Capitale(s) - 60 ans d'art urbain à Paris

Magda Danysz, 2022
With contributions from Élise Herszkowicz, Nicolas Laugero Lasserre and Marko93


More than 70 French and international artists, hundreds of photos of archives and works, exclusive interviews... Rich of its past, Paris also embodies the history of art in progress, the one that is written before our eyes in the streets. Indeed, for more than six decades, a visual revolution has been underway. It disturbs, questions, surprises, appeals. In the rise of this artistic movement that has become global, the French capital has played an extremely important role. From the pioneers of stencil art to the boom of graffiti, from the dark years of repression to public commissions, through the development of new techniques and the perpetual arrival of new talents...


Capitale(s) offers a return in images covering 60 years of uninterrupted dialogue between the city and urban art in all its expressions. A protean and plethoric production carried by artists from here and elsewhere, attracted by the City of Light, which has become, over time, one of the major and perennial capitals of urban art.



Collection Arts urbains - Alternatives, Gallimard

Publication date : 10-13-2022
240 pages