“As time went by, I developed my visual language step by step, and new genres popped up along the way like street art and later, Urban Art. So, I only recently fitted into the street art ‘box’; to many I am just considered a contemporary artist.”

Jan Kaláb became a prominent figure on the urban art scene after emerging from a former Eastern Bloc. In the 1990s he founded an iconic crew, the DSK, which proved instrumental to introducing graffiti in the Check Republic and beyond.  
Today, Kaláb works across painting and sculpture. His language became minimal and mostly abstract; producing irregular curvilinear forms. Resembling bubbles, as in Dark Purpl Ameba (2019), these gravity-defying lightweight objects seem to move through the space, colliding with each other and changing shape. Kaláb’s works appear as blown up organic microcosms, coexisting seamlessly with their environment. The artist uses a visually impactful palette, often incorporating hues of neon blue, pink or orange. Conveying an architectural element, despite the bold colours, his works coexist with their environments without friction, which offers a different kind of visual experience.
Jan Kaláb lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.

Solo exhibitions



Solo show, Macadam Gallery, Brussels, Belgium



Melted Sun, Kreisler Gallery, Madrid, Spain

Stripped, BC Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
Solar, Rhodes Contemporary gallery, London, UK



Atomic Bubble, MAGMA gallery, Bologna, Italia

Bent Horizons, Plastic Murs gallery, Valencia, Spain

Concentration, Bluerider ART gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Shape & Tone, Castanier Gallery, Miami, USA



Point of Space, Trafo gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
The Soul of Graffiti, Albin Polasek Museum, Winter Park, USA

Perspective of Clouds, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, USA 2017

ZOOOM, Magma Gallery, Bologna, Italia



Pluriforme, Openspace Gallery, Paris, France
Pulso Cromático, Castanier Gallery, Bogota, Republic of Colombia



TENSION, BC Gallery, Berlin, Germany

ODYSSEY, Lollipop Gallery, London, UK

UK EXTRA, Villa Pellé, Prague, Czech Republic

Getting Up, Partisan Creative Corner, Soest, Germany



ART IN PUBLIC, Pop up exhibition, meralova 6, Prague, Czech Republic

ART IN PUBLIC, Pop up exhibition, 103 Allen Street, New York, USA

AROUND THE POINT, HIC Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina



SALUT, H’art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
FROM POINT TO CIRCLE AND BACK, Oko Gallery, Opava, Czech Republic

POINT / ALTERNATE PLAN(E)S, the Chemistry Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic



GOOD CHOICE, Czech centre, Sofia, Bulgaria



KALÁB 33 / PLANETS CROSSING, Trafaka, Prague, Czech Republic



POINT SHOP, Trafo Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic


Group exhibitions



Collective Exhibition, MACADAM GALLERY, Brussels, Belgium

New Rules, Castanier Gallery, Miami, USA
Venit Occursum, Danysz Gallery, Shanghai, China



Shapes & Illusions, Danysz Gallery, Paris, France
Watch This Space, LAZinc gallery, London, UK
Capture the Street, Oberhessisches Museum Giessen, Giessen, Germany

Letní salón, Galerie Kodl, Prague, Czech Republic
Chroma, Rhodes contemporary, London, UK
DSK, DSC gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Geometric Heat, GR Gallery, New York, USA
Visioni Urbane, MAGMA Gallery, Faenza, Italia
Chroma 01, WIP gallery, Beyrouth, Lebanon
Technicolor, Zimmerling Jungfleisch gallery, Saarbrucken, Germany



Trafo Pop Pupp, Trafo Gallery, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Grand Opening, Mirus Gallery, Denvers, USA
A Matter of Form, MAGMA gallery, Bologna, Italia

Perceptual Vertigo, Avantgarden Gallery, Milan, Italia



Urban Art Bienalle, Völklinger Ironworks, Völkliner, Germany

PERCEPTUAL VERTIGO, Avantgarden Gallery, Milan, Italia
NO MORE CREW, Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany
ABSTRAKT FORUM, Forum Przestrzenie, Krakow, Poland

AVANTARTE X UNITLONDON, the Unit London Gallery, London, UK



POP-UP EXHIBITION, Fabien Castanier Gallery, Miami, USA

ZMRTVCHVSTÁNÍ, Trafo Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

MIMESIS, MAGMA Gallery, Bologna, Italia
FRIENDS AND FAMILY, Fabien Castanier Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

HZGSJK, Goldenhands Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

TRANSBORDER, Fabien Castanier Gallery, Los Angeles, USA



OPEN ART – art biennale, Orebro, Sweden

Et Cetera, MAXXI muzeum, Roma, Italia



TRAFACKA – CLOSE, Trafacka gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

ARTMOSSPHERE – 1st streetart biennale, Moscow, Russia

OUTSIDE / INSIDE, Tabla Rasa gallery, Brooklyn – New York, USA


CHILDREN OF KUPKA, City Hall Puteaux, France



ET CETERA, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Prague, Czech Republic



STUCK ON THE CITY, City Gallery Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
STREET SMART, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
THREE FROM TRAFACKA, Gallery of Modern Art, Roudnice nad Labem, Czech Republic



DE DENTRO E DE FORA, MASP museum, São Paulo, Brazil

BOUTIQUE, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic



1st BIENNAL DE GRAFFITI FINE ART, MUBE museum, São Paulo, Brazil

METROPOLIS, Pavilion of Czech Republic, EXPO 2010, Shanghai, China



STORAGE, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
60 DETAILS project, Moscow, Russia
WE BELIEVE IN CRISIS, Trafo gallery, Prague, Czech Republic



NAMES, Trafacka gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
CITY’S CELEBRITIES, Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

FACES AND LACES, Moscow, Russia



5+kk, Trafo gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
PLANET PROZESS, Senatsreservenspeicher, Berlin, Germany

SPACE FOR INTUITION, City Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic



TRAFACKA – OPEN, Trafacka gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

ART BEAT, BG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



CITY OF NAMES, Kunsthalle Bethanien, Berlin, Germany



OBJECTIVITY, Cathedral Gardens, Manchester, UK

EVERWANTING STREETS, Röda Sten, Göteborg, Sweden



BACK JUMPS (the Live issue), Kunsthalle Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
GENESIS, Ten 15, San Francisco, USA
DA PAINTAZ, NoD Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
3rd SHOW OF YOUNG ARTISTS, Regional Gallery of Fine Arts, Zlín, Czech Republic



SUBCULTURE, NoD Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

FRESH MEAT, City Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic