Marcus Jansen: Stop, Look and Listen

7 September - 12 October 2019 Paris

Born in New York in 1968 and having lived in the Bronx, it is natural that Marcus Jansen draws his first inspirations from this neighborhood. On his canvases, he represents scenes from the New York street art scene of the 1980s. His debut as an artist was particularly encouraged by the pioneer of graffiti "WEST ONE" which he met at the 18 years old.   Marcus' military background has subsequently greatly influenced his artistic sensibility, which is now reflected in the themes addressed in his work.   In the manner of Robert Rauschenberg's Pop Art and Jean-Michel Basquiat's graffiti, Marcus has developed his own signature.   In 2019, one of Marcus's many paintings, "The Hide Out", was added to the permanent collection of the University of Michigan Museum of Art. It is therefore with joy that the Danysz gallery presents the work of this prolific artist with multiple and illustrious references.