Felipe Pantone: Dynamic Phenomena

24 March - 12 May 2018 Paris

"Graffiti as the ultimate ism, consistent with the Liquid Modernity theory, with its transitory relations and its disposable and ephemeral condition." 

One of the bullets in Felipe Pantone's 2013 Ultradynamic Manifesto, in which he emphasizes Zygmunt Bauman's idea that change is the only permanence and uncertainty the only certainty. It is likely that graffiti was not born only as a natural response to the rhythm and velocity of modern times, but it is undeniable that these elements are part of its DNA, which has made graffiti one of the most long-living modern movements. The intrinsic speed of graffiti and the present times have shaped Pantone's personality, the way in which he experiences life, constantly shifting through airports and time zones, and has ultimately influenced his practice. As an unstoppable domino effect, this has led him to discover his artistic discourse; a dynamic path around the world that he wanders naturally and uses as a field for reflection.  Dynamism and transformation are the vehicles that Felipe Pantone utilizes to describe the strong sense of self-awareness and his connection with our time, something that we all experience to some degree. The stronger the viewer is linked to the present, the more familiar they are with his elements, his compositions, information flow, and the phenomena of change."    -- Felipe Pantone